Dr Referral Needed

Dr Referral Needed

PTSD ( Dr Referral Needed )

When something traumatic happens to us it creates what hypnotherapists refer to as an ISE or initial sensitizing event in the client’s unconscious mind and so anytime we sense we are in a similar situation, the same emotions will come up along with the same physiological response; shaking, sweats, and heart palpitations. That’s why it feels real, and it is to the mind, however, you can train your unconscious mind to break the habit of those triggers.

Whether or not you are aware of what caused the PTSD or anxiety/panic attack response, hypnotherapy and NLP can help you feel better and regain your life.

The good news is that someone who has been labeled with either an anxiety disorder or a post-traumatic stress disorder and has been told that they have to deal with it the rest of their life doesn’t have to anymore, because it can be minimized and diminished with hypnosis. Psychologists, Doctors, and Hypnotherapists can work as a team to assist a client in overall wellness.

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Even though a person may not consciously acknowledge frustration, anger, or stress, sometimes these factors create the following disorders: nail-biting, hair pulling, teeth grinding, or scratching oneself in the night without conscious knowledge; these issues can be lessened or alleviated with hypnotherapy.
Additionally, hypnotherapy sessions can help you with the following:
● Creating Healthy Habits
● Forgiveness
● Fears
● Letting go of Self-Limiting Beliefs
● Letting go of Negative self-talk
● Memory and Focus
● Self-Sabotage
● Self- Love
● Stress Relief
● Test Anxiety
● And More…